Zain Khan

On the fateful day of 12 August 2019, 6-year-old Zain was in a car accident. Scans showed that he suffered a brain injury. Zain remained unconscious for two months; when he regained consciousness, his parents were told that he would never be able to walk again. The right side of his body was weak; he had almost no power in his right hand and foot. 

He was brought to AKi and underwent an assessment; activities and exercises were advised for him to be done at home. Zain used to visit AKi every month or two; the activities and exercises were modified upon every visit. Zain can now walk without support. 

Ahmad Zafar

Ahmed Zafar was one year old when he first came to AKi. He had a seizure after birth and had difficulties using the left side of his body. Ahmed’s left hand was fisted all the time and he had difficulty doing many activities. For this, we used a technique that involves putting the hand that doesn’t have a problem into a sling or mitten, which means that Ahmed wasn’t able to use his normal hand for activities, so he had to start using his affected hand more.

Throughout his treatment during the COVID-19 lockdown, Ahmed’s mother was regularly in touch with AKi via WhatsApp sharing pictures and videos of his exercises and achievements. Ahmed can now open his left hand easily grasp, and release objects and bring the hand to his mouth independently (important for feeding himself). 

Muhammad Wadaan Khan

Muhammad Wadaan Khan was born prematurely; his growth in the womb was slower than what would normally be expected. He weighed a mere 1.5 kg when he was born. Soon after Wadaan went into septic shock – a life-threatening condition in which a body-wide infection causes the blood pressure to drop to a dangerously low level. Wadaan spent nearly two months in the hospital’s nursery. Luckily, he recovered, but his parents realized with time that Wadaan had developmental difficulties, as he did not achieve his milestones. Someone recommended AKi to them and to timely address Wadaan’s developmental problems, his parents visited AKi. As soon as Wadaan’s physiotherapy began, there were noticeable changes. Slowly, he started to sit independently. Wadaan is now able to sit independently but is on track to become more independent in the future.


A courageous young boy who embarked on an extraordinary journey alongside Akbar Kare when he was just three years old. His father’s simple dream for Hammad was to witness him standing and walking independently, unaware of the incredible transformations that awaited them. In those early days, Hammad would often be found sitting in a distinctive “W” shape known as W sitting, a position commonly seen in children with cerebral palsy that aimed to compensate for weak core muscles.

Taking immediate action, AKi formulated a comprehensive plan, through regular therapy sessions, that included core-strengthening activities and guided Hammad through reciprocal crawling to improve motor coordination. They also provided him a specially designed standing frame, enabling him to bear weight on both feet with extended knees along with an ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) to maintain functional foot positioning during supported walking. His progress is truly inspiring. Hammad’s story is a testament to the transformative power of AKi’s dedicated team, who, through their expertise and unwavering commitment, have helped him overcome significant obstacles and continue to thrive.

Armeen Jan

Armeen, a beloved daughter, has graced her parents’ lives for five beautiful years, facing unique challenges from the moment she was born with Congenital Rubella Syndrome. Life-threatening disorders like a congenital heart defect, cataracts, and glaucoma plagued her early days, filling our hearts with worry. Amidst the storm, the profound developmental delay she experienced stood as the greatest challenge.

Seeking solace and answers, they embarked on a journey to AKi. With exercises practiced at home and weekly visits AKi, we witnessed miraculous milestones as Armeen gained head control, conquered sitting, stood tall, and started cruising. Special equipment and the guidance of the AKi team enriched her journey. Armeen continues to march forward, and we hold steadfast to their belief, finding success in patience and gratitude. With AKi, no hurdle is insurmountable, and Armeen’s story reminds them of the enduring power of hope, love, and dedication amidst adversity.

Fatima Mubashir

Fatima’s worried mother came to AKi on 16th January 2019; 3 days old Fatima showed signs of Down syndrome, which were evident from her physical features. At AKi, her situation was assessed and her mother was made aware of her condition and how to cope with the diagnosis. We focused the mother’s attention on early intervention and its protocols. Following early intervention protocols, we could see progress  – Fatima had her head control within 4 months, independent sitting at 8 months, and started cruising at 1 year of age. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued checking up on Fatima through video calls and WhatsApp messages for therapy sessions. At 2 years of age, Fatima has achieved all her milestones and is now able to walk independently. 


Shumaila was a young teenager when she first visited AKi with her mother to ask if we could help with Shumaila’s surgery. It took a few months to arrange her surgery; the surgeon was approached by AKi and performed the surgery free of cost. It took months for Shumaila to recover from her major spine surgery. Shumaila’s therapist was pleasantly surprised when he first saw her standing in the hospital as she gained about 6 inches of height after undergoing the procedure (as a result of strengthening her spine using screws).

After she recovered fully, she was offered a job at AKi as a Special Teacher’s Assistant in 2010 and is still working with us. Shumaila is now happily married. 


Mustafa and his family visited Akbar Kare in April 2017 when he was about 3 years old. He was diagnosed at birth with Spina Bifida (split spine).  Although Mustafa could sit without support, he wasn’t walking. He underwent a thorough assessment at AKi his mother was coached about physiotherapy to help develop his walking skills. They worked together to help Mustafa learn. 

During his treatment, we also helped him with early education. After 2 years, Mustafa was able to stand and walk independently. To help him with his balance and stability, AKi’s we customised AFOs (Ankle-foot orthoses) for him. Wearing these distributed his weight equally, giving him better balance and helping him develop the right muscles for strength. Mustafa is now ready to go to school. 

Sudais Nawaz

In a world where challenges seemed insurmountable, Sudais emerged as a true warrior, defying all odds with his incredible spirit. Sudais, who has Amelia Syndrome, a condition that affects limb development, arrived at AKi at the age of five. The dedicated team at Akbar Kare recognized Sudais’ potential and empowered him by placing a pencil in his hand, symbolizing his journey toward self-expression  and independence. They also integrated Sudais’ therapy into his everyday life, visiting his humble dwelling and providing him with a customized electronic wheelchair that granted him newfound freedom and mobility.

Sudais embraced the power of education, excelling academically and securing the first position in his class. AKi continued to support Sudais and his family, assisting in the construction of their own home. Today, Sudais is going to be a great motivational speaker and he has exhibited his abilities on TV shows. He resides in a home built upon a foundation of hope and unwavering support, embodying the resilience and triumph of the human spirit.

Rutba, daughter of Dilawar Ali

Dilawar Ali reveled in the joy of watching his daughter, Rutba, thrive in the embrace of a loving family. Their happiness was abruptly disrupted when Rutba fell ill with a persistent fever at the age of two and a half. Rutba’s once agile feet lost their ability to stand and walk steadily, leaving her stumbling and struggling to keep up. Dilawar heard a glimmer of hope from another parent who had found solace at AKi. He brought Rutba to AKi in October 2020, marking a turning point in their tumultuous journey. The Aki’s team explored a range of activities and exercises, urging him to incorporate them into Rutba’s daily routine, recognizing that true transformation required collective effort. Dilawar received expert insights on proper footwear to support Rutba’s growing feet, equipping him with the knowledge to enhance her journey. We continuously adjusted the therapy plan, introducing tailored activities to improve her standing and walking abilities. A special plaster cast was crafted to gradually stretch her tight calf muscles and restore comfortable movement to her left ankle joint.

Then, on a beautiful day in mid-January of the following year, Rutba returned to AKi, radiant as a beam of sunshine. Rutba could now firmly plant her left heel while standing, and her running showcased a slight rise on her toes. Stumbling less frequently, she reveled in the freedom to play without constraints. Dilawar’s unwavering commitment to Rutba’s home therapy plan, combined with the expertise of our experienced physiotherapists and orthotics, forged a bond that propelled Rutba toward her goals, shattering the limitations that sought to confine her spirit.


In the midst of the daunting Covid-19 pandemic, AKi has remained steadfast in its commitment to assisting families in need. Meet Hamdan, a brave three-year-old boy from Bajour agency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, who faced a setback when Akbar Kare had to temporarily close its doors due to the pandemic just as he was learning to stand with support. However, AKi’s dedicated therapists were undeterred and used telehealth to continue guiding and supporting Hamdan’s family. Together, they worked tirelessly during multiple Telehealth sessions to develop his muscles and joints, for which Hamdan’s father expressed deep gratitude. The importance of Hamdan’s early-stage. standing development becomes evident when considering the potential consequences of his habitual ‘W’ sitting position, which can cause muscle and joint stiffness, hindering proper growth and development—a common challenge faced by children with cerebral palsy, who often encounter difficulties with movement, balance, and muscle tightness. Fortunately, AKi’s therapists possessed the necessary expertise to lead Hamdan and his family through this journey. They provided guidance on helping Hamdan maneuver along furniture, allowing him to cruise and even attempt using a three-wheel walker at home—an ingenious solution that helped him learn balance and weight-bearing through his legs. Notably, AKi strongly discouraged the use of circular walkers due to their potential to impede joint development and stability.

Through AKi’s unwavering dedication and the relentless efforts of Hamdan’s family, remarkable progress was achieved. Hamdan can now stand with his feet apart and heels firmly planted on the ground, allowing his muscles to relax and granting him the newfound experience of being upright. This newfound ability has bestowed upon him a sense of freedom and independence he had never known before. Hamdan’s story serves as a testament to the extraordinary power of resilience and determination, as AKi and his family refused to let the pandemic hinder his progress.


Khadeeja’s third child, Hassan, was diagnosed with Dystonic cerebral palsy with Athetosis. It seemed as if the world conspired against her, but a glimmer of hope emerged as Khadeeja turned to AKi, where dedicated therapists worked tirelessly to help Hassan. Despite initial resistance, the unwavering commitment of the AKi staff began yielding results as Hassan responded to therapy, gaining strength in his head, improving postural stability, and finding a voice through gestures. Khadeeja’s gratitude for AKi knew no bounds as they breathed life into her shattered hopes, performing miracles she deemed impossible. Their dedication not only transformed Hassan’s journey but also ignited a resilient flame within him, enabling him to overcome immense challenges. This story stands as a testament to the power of compassion and determination, inspiring all who hear it to join together, change lives, and ignite a brighter future.


Mahnoor’s extraordinary journey began at the tender age of two, unfolding within the intricate tapestry of life. Filled with love and concern, her mother sought solace at AKi, burdened by worries about her daughter’s poor sitting balance and struggles to bear weight on her lower limbs. Diligently implementing tailored activities, Mahnoor’s mother nurtured her growth, witnessing a remarkable transformation unfolding. Mahnoor’s sitting balance improved, leading to the joyous milestone of crawling, followed by the resilience to bear weight on her legs while standing at a table. With AKi’s technical advice, Mahnoor’s mother learned play activities to refine her standing balance and grace in weight shifting. Mahnoor’s adventure continued as she cruised along a table and embraced the support of a wooden walker, taking steps towards independent walking. At the heart of this story lies Mahnoor’s unyielding spirit and her mother’s boundless love, guiding her towards a future of independence and freedom, celebrated with every milestone achieved.

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