Akbar Kare Institute (AKi) is a unique family-centred rehabilitation service for children with disabilities founded in 2005 by a mother of a son with Cerebral Palsy who wanted children of KP province to have the same opportunities as her son had in Europe and America. 18 years later, AKi is now recognized both nationally and internationally as a good model for childhood rehabilitation in low and middle-income countries like Pakistan.

Our Approach


Our vision is to have multiple centres all over Pakistan providing a comprehensive system of family-centered rehabilitation services for children with disabilities by well trained professionals in child friendly facilities.


Empowering families to help their children with disabilities be the best they can be irrespective of their wealth class or creed.


Our team offers services in a respectful consistent and child friendly manner.


Family Centred

We encourage parents to actively participate in the rehabilitation of their children

Open Door

An open door policy where the only criterion to be treated at AKI is to bring a child with a disability.

Customized Services

We offer services tailored to the needs of each family as each child has unique requirements.

Continuous Improvement

AKI leads the way in the field of children’s rehabilitation services in Pakistan through a well-trained team and commitment to continuous improvement. 

Holistic Development

We examine a child and then identify problems associated with the disability and offer remedial, holistic interventions.  


Empowering families to help their children with disabilities be the best they can be.

Free Of Cost

We have always been a free service and will remain so.

Akbar Khan Homepage Photo
Akbar – The man who inspired AKi

Our Story

Motivated by the lack of care for children with lifelong disabilities, Akbar Kare Institute (AKi) was set up in 2005 by one Pakistani mother who has a son, Akbar, with Cerebral Palsy (most common motor disability in childhood). Akbar has the most severe form, affecting all four limbs.

Akbar’s mother knew early on that something was wrong and kept telling doctors in Pakistan, but they dismissed her doubts. All the red flags that were mentioned by her failed to raise alarm bells with them. Even seizures were dismissed. 

At 7 months, Akbar was taken abroad and just upon seeing, him the doctor said, “I can tell that Akbar has some problems”. That’s when Akbar was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Looking around the country at what was available, she realized appropriate therapy was nowhere to be found in Pakistan.

Mrs. Yvonne Frizzell

In Memory of Mrs. Yvonne Frizzell

I met Yvonne Frizzell because of my son, Akbar. I needed a paediatric physiotherapist, and I got one at my doorstep, Allah be praised. Akbar was three when we met her and for the next 37 years, she was closely associated with us. They both took to each other and the bond between them remained till she passed away on 19 July 2022.

I wanted to have a rehab clinic in my town since I saw the clinics in developed countries. I did not find any of that kind. Hence, my wish to have a setup on those lines. I had mentioned this to Yvonne, and in 2005 when her kids were older she agreed.

Akbar Kare was set up, and in the process of training staff and making it compatible with the culture here, while at the same time, she demonstrated how the same treatment and equipment available abroad can be used here with minimal cost by using indigenous materials.


With her passion to improve the lives of special children, AKi became known for its services. She loved what she did, and was loved and respected by all. It was her devotion to the children who came and went back happy with their families, that AKi was known nationally very soon. She would continue to reach out to all stakeholders, hence the ICRC acknowledged us for providing good service to children with disabilities and their families. We were well-known internationally as well.

Yvonne was passionate about her work. She was devoted to make the lives of differently abled kids and their families better. The parents or carers of the kids would be pleased to see the change she would bring to the child -from lying on the floor onto a sitting position on a chair. They had never imagined to see the child like this. She taught us a lesson that academic degrees and clinical work by itself does not make a brilliant physiotherapist. It needs empathy, kindness, and commitment to the children and their families. Hence a physio should not only be treating a child in the clinic, but also do problem-solving in the child’s daily living.

Yvonne was definitely not the usual desk-sitting teacher. She would bring all the knowledge and more importantly show how best to apply it. I am sure everyone remembers her sitting on the floor, with a malnourished child and teach mothers how to feed these very special children. She used suji (Semolina) which gives more energy, peanut butter was another favourite. Its stickiness was good for the kids to learn to work their mouths around.

We are grateful to her husband Jim Frizzell for supporting her in her mission. He was always there to help and took great pride in the success stories. Yvonne would often say that she couldn’t envision working if he had not supported her.

Farewell dear Yvonne. We at Akbar Kare will miss you, your work will always be valued.

Meet The Board

Rana Muhammad Shafi
Chairman Board

Rana Muhammad Shafi is the senior Advisor to the Saif Group of Companies. He holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Punjab and passed ICMA Inter from Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan.

Hoor Yousafzai - FCA


Hoor Yousafzai is an accomplished CEO with a proven track record of success. Since 2017, she has been leading Akbar Kare Institute (“AKi”) as its CEO, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the organization’s formal corporate structure.

Maj-Gen Rtd Dr. Akhtar Waheed

Maj Gen Retd. Dr. Akhtar Waheed HI(M) MBBS, MCPS, FCPS MSc, is a graduate of King Edward Medical University. He joined the Armed Forces in 1980. He served as a physician for 26 years in various primary, secondary, and tertiary care military hospitals.

Jehangir Saifullah khan

Jehangir Saifullah Khan is a graduate of the University of Virginia & has diversified business experience of 20 years. Presently he is serving as a Chief Executive Officer of Saif Energy Limited, as Chairman of D.I Khan New City, and as Director of JSK Feeds Limited.

Our Partners
Hammad Mustafa


Huma Ali

Head Operations

Dr.Suleman Daud Khan

Clinical Advisor

Sadia Ahmed

Co-Head of Department


Company incorporated under section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017


ShineWing Hameed Chaudhry & Co.

License # A004096 by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
NTN Number 3426550

Legal Advisor

Value Courts Advocate & Corporate Consultants 


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