AKi was started for therapy for Cerebral Palsy (CP) which is a condition that is not understood very well in Pakistan and is hence one of the most neglected. In Pakistan, people have great feelings for the disabled but unfortunately, there is a lack of facilities, especially in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa.

We know there is no cure, but there can be a great improvement in lives when children with CP get good attention from people who understand their problems.

In developed countries, it is the norm to cater to the disabled from birth to death. This includes initial diagnosis and assessment, medical care, therapy, education, and a chance for independent living. Most cities have to be disabled-friendly to facilitate easy commuting; the majority of public transport is wheelchair friendly. Public ramps, lifts, and special toilets are easily available. When we started AKi we wanted to show that by using local resources we can begin the development that will let us emulate these examples.

We do not depend on sophisticated technology; most appliances in our clinic are designed and made locally. We use the knowledge gained from International good practice and then adapt and solve the problems appropriate to our circumstances.

Our therapists have come a long way, and our clinical tutor insists on continuous intensive learning. She has always emphasized evidence-based therapy, as our resources allow. We need to be innovative in our approach and benefit from all the knowledge available.

We want to be an example for government and private organizations. It is important for us to create awareness of CP and other disabling conditions so that affected families and medical professionals realize that there is a lot that can be done to alleviate their problems. Each small step of improvement is a giant step for the families looking after their children.

We hope that no parent needs to hear “He has CP, there is nothing that can be done, take him home and care for him”.

I pray to Allah that AKi is successful in its endeavor to give the most special and marginalized children the opportunity for a better life.

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