To provide better mobility, AKi has developed specific innovative equipment for home use for a variety of issues and we have the facility in the clinic to manufacture aids of our own design. We have our own workshop where all the aids are prepared and modified according to the need of the child.

Postural Aids

Our staff is trained in the ‘World Health Organization (WHO) Intermediate level wheelchair provision’ for posturally challenged children. Our clinicians and technicians work together to provide the best solution for each child and our skilled, locally trained carpenters create and customize the assistive devices, hence ensuring cost-effective and efficient patient care.



Unable to sit up, spending most of his day in this position is detrimental to health, lungs capacity is reduced,  joints will become fixed, digestion is affected.


Now able to see around him, he can be a more active member of his family. One might relate to him differently now that he is sitting up and can face people.


Being unable to sit upright and spending the majority of her day in this posture can significantly impact her health. It can lead to reduced lung capacity, stiffness in the joints, and compromised digestion.


With her newfound ability to observe her surroundings, she can actively engage as a participating member of her family. Interactions with her might evolve, as she can now maintain eye contact and sit upright, fostering a more connected experience.

Devices We Offer

Standing Frame

Modified wheelchairs

Moti Start Chair

Corner Seat

Spinal Trolley


Prone Board

Wicker Chair

Recycling chair

Application Of Devices

Mishaal is amazed at herself as she is standing up for the first time.

With our sitting chair, Amir can now sit up and able to avoid compromised lung capacity and fixed joints.

Dad is delighted as his son tried out his new mobile chair.

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