Your contribution can make a huge difference. All donations will be used directly for children’s needs and welfare.

Give Provide Image Uses
Item Price in PKR
Spoon 500/- Buy a soft-tipped spoon to feed a child with chewing difficulties thus, make feeding less agonizing for both the mum & baby.
Toy 500/- Buy an intelligent toy to help a child grasp and release.
Cloth 1500/- Buy a pair of warm clothes and socks for a disabled child.
Epileptic drug 1000/- Buy a month’s supply of the anti-epileptic drugs for a child to ensure seizures remain in control.
Shoes 1500/- Buy a pair of shoes for a disabled child.
Pampers 5000 Buy Two weeks’ supply of nappies for a child suffering from pressure sores.
Walker 7000/- Buy a locally-made postural walker to help a child walk with it for the first time.
Trolley 6000/- Trolley for a child born with Spina Bifida (meaning ‘a Split Spine’, a devastating congenital Neural Tube Defect)
Wheelchair with modification 18000/- Buy a wheelchair for a child who might be too sick to stand or walk (suffering from progressive diseases like Muscular Dystrophy)
Corner seat 3410/-
AKI Sitting chair 5650/-
AKI Moti 5600/-
AKI Standing Frame 3700/-
AKI Prone Standing Frame 5840/-
AKI Wicker Chair 4500/-
AKI Horse 400/-
Account Name: Akbar Kare Institute

Bank Name: National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

Branch sort code: 0389


IBAN: PK75NBPA0389004111885128

Account # :4111885128 (current account)

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