World Cerebral Palsy Day 2022 at AKi

Cerebral Palsy is the most common physical disability during childhood. There are over 17 million people across the world living with cerebral palsy. Another 350 million people are closely connected to a child or adult with cerebral palsy. AKi was started as a dedicated institute for the therapy of cerebral palsy. We celebrate Cerebral Palsy Day every year to bring together children living with cerebral palsy, their families, supporters and organizations that are our allies in this cause. 

This year, we celebrated Cerebral Palsy Day at AKi in Peshawar, bringing together the children who have been a part of the AKi family for years. The founder of AKi, Mrs. Zeb Saifullah Khan shared her story of starting Akbar Kare Institute. Families of children under treatment at AKi, shared stories of the impact the treatment has had and how their children’s lives have improved. The AKi team designed special activities for children that they thoroughly enjoyed. 

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