Special Features

  • Advanced skills in wheelchair fitting for posturally challenged children. This clinic is held by AKi staff trained in accordance to WHO standards.
  • Modified Constraint Induced Therapy (mCIT) for children with unilateral involvement CP. This is a relatively new concept that AKi has been piloting and finding very successful in improving functional use for many children with hemiplegia. Later in 2015 we hope to offer a course at a national level using our experience to promote this area of therapy.
  • Reflex inhibiting casts Aki now routinely applies reflex inhibiting casts to children who have problems in keeping their heels down as they stand and walk. These are plaster of paris boots which help give a continuous stretch to the calf muscle over one week. This has been successful and prepares them for better fitting of permanent plastic casts provided by PIPOS and funded by ICRC.
  • Innovative equipment made at AKi has developed specific equipment for home use for a variety of issues and have the facility in the clinic to manufactured aids of our own design. We have two highly skilled technicians who work with the clinicians to make this cost effective and successful. This team work has worked particularly well as both clinician and technician has access to the child and both understand the underlying concepts of the problems. We are particularly proud of our trolleys for use by children with Spina bifida and our “horse” for use by children with diplegia. This is a type of CP where the legs get particularly stiff.