Our Services

1. Differential diagnosis, where possible, through comprehensive physical assessment.
2. Individual treatment plans for children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) or Spina Bifida designed in collaboration with the child and the family. Our treatment is based on the concepts of the Bobath NDT as recognized internationally and incorporated into our eclectic vision of the child.
3. Free provision of aids such as special postural walkers, wheelchairs.
4. Free provision of customized postural aids to suit the needs of the child such as – chairs, toilet seats, standing frames.
5. Counseling and encouraging parents to see a child’s abilities and potential.
6. Continuing training and education for parents/carers as the child grows and develops enabling them to best help their child achieve their potential.
7. Computerized record-keeping of data, history, and tracking of progress for each child.
8. Advocate for families and children to access other services, e.g. for the mother, antenatal care for subsequent pregnancies; for the child, access to an educational placement.
9. The qualified teacher providing specialist teaching with the aim of eventual educational placement. This a service we aim to expand but due to space restrictions, we have limited places.