Our Mission

Akbar Kare Institute (AKi) has as its most important aim the improvement of the lives of children and their families who have lifelong disabilities due to Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida, irrespective of their wealth, class or creed. We do our best to do this in a respectful, consistent and friendly manner with all the participants in the activity – the child, carers and the AKi therapy team.

Akbar Kare is committed to increasing the understanding of these childhood disabilities within the wider medical community and the general population. We aim to do this by example of effective therapy using local resources with established International good practises, within our ability to access appropriate resources.

We are committed to the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of our staff. We recognise the need to expand and improve on the quality of service we can provide and we can only do this by our own growth of knowledge and the awareness of new research and therapy modalities. We endeavour to apply these ideals to local culture and with efficient use of available materials and funding.

Akbar Kare is committed to providing a sustainable service that uses local skills and solutions to the problems Pakistani disabled children encounter.

Akbar Kare recognises its responsibility to promote good practise amongst the medical community in the care of long term disabled children. We do this by cooperating and being actively involved with programs to promote education in our field of knowledge and skills.